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ShurLok was not set at 0000 factory default for the shackle when I received it.

The shackle is always set at factory default 0000 when it comes from the factory.
The only exceptions would be:

  • - Medical Alarm Firms-  If you received our product from a medical alarm firm, they normally set the combination for you and then give you a sheet of paper with that information.

  • - Check with other people at your location to be sure they did not set the code.

Note!  If you were setting the combination and locked yourself out of the lock box, there are a couple common mistakes and things you can try to discover the combination the lock was actually set on.   Go Here

Also Note!  The lock box will never set its own code or change on its own.  It is always the user and whatever dials are set to when the change screw is turned back horizontal.