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Reset Error

After setting the combination  to the lock, you discovered you are locked out.

Step 1

Make sure your change screw is not in the vertical position (shown right) because you are still in change mode. Symptom- shackle opens on any dial combination.

Step 2

If you are VERY sure that you were setting your combination to a specific number, this step statistically has a high percentage of success.  If you were playing around with the lock with no idea what you may have set it to, skip to step 3.

If you are quite sure of your combination you set, it is then VERY likely you are just one number off.  As you rolled the numbers going left to right, you accidentally rolled one number to the left up one.  Example-  Instead of 1234, you ended up with 1334

Set the combination to your intended shackle combination


Turn the first dial up one number and test the shackle (either close all the way to black or opens if locked prior)


Turn the first dial down one number and test the shackle (either close all the way to black or opens if locked prior)


Return the dial to the intended combination and move to the next number.  In total, you will test 8 numbers.  You could play around with more than one number off if this does not work but there are perhaps too many combinations to try.


Step 3



After trying the above and playing around with the lock trying to figure out what combination you set it to and you are not able to open it, your are locked out. There is no magical method to retrieve lost or forgotten codes.



Other Notes

  • The dials will be set to whatever number you set them to (they will not program themselves :-) )

  • We often get asked if there is a magic door number to open up a combination lock.  There is not. :-(

  • Note:  the side screw will only turn when on the correct shackle combination.  Do not force it = stripped screw