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GE Lockboxes
What makes ShurLok the professionals choice for securing REO properties?

Durable and Reliable

• All metal construction, padded backstop and easy to read dials

• Superior side access key compartment that is much harder to break into

• No front cover to fall off or get lost

• Change your code at any time. With easy to read dials you'll enter the right code the first time every time

More Secure
• The ShurLok has a 4 dial lock with 10,000 possible combinations. Competing 3 dial lockboxes only allow 1,000 codes.
• The lettered version of the ShurLoks has 4 dials with the ability to input a blank on the first OR the last dial. This provides superior 10,000 code security and flexibility of using 3 or 4 letter codes!
• Four rolling dials provide true 4 digit encoding for 10,000 combinations. You must enter the numbers in the right order. Compare that to punch button lock boxes that let you enter a code in any order (1-2-3-4 opens up at 4-3-2-1, 2-3-1-4, etc...) and you’ll agree that ShurLok offers superior security.
• A patented feature allows one code to open the key storage compartment and a second code, which you retain, secures the shackle.

Available Alpha Codes

Use 3 or 4 letter dials. ShurLok has a "--" in first or last dial for flexible 3 dial codes while providing superior 10,000 combinations vs. only 1,000 combinations 3 dial locks. Use below drop downs to select desired codes.

Model #1 Codes

Model #2 Codes

Marketing Benefits
• Custom imprinting puts your logo and contact info on the front, just above the dials. Use the ShurLok to market and identify your properties!

Easy to Use and Easy to Install

• Choose lettered or numbered dials
• Install the ShurLok just about anywhere with innovative accessories such as the permanent Mounting Bracket and Lever-Grip.
ge    lock box
Best Value in the Marketplace

• The unique mix of security features and durable, reliable design, make the ShurLok the best value.

If you have other questions about the ShurLok key storage lock box, contact ShurLok Products
Click here to request the closest retailer selling Alpha ShurLoks.

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