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Please Note:   Everything you need for ShurLok Support is located in the below links thus phone support is not available.



Lock is Defective





If you indeed think that your lockbox is defective, we have a one year manufacturer's warranty from defect on our products.  Frankly, on our side loading ShurLok, with almost 20 years as a solid performing product, defects are very rare on this product (many years since we have had any with millions on the market!).  Send the product to us at 18424 HWY 99, Lynnwood WA 98037 if it is a year old or less and you think it is defective.

See the below notes:

  • Warranty does not cover lost or forgotten combinations. Go here
  • Warranty does not cover damage to the product such as bolt cutters, stripped change screw, etc.
  • Warranty valid for one year from manufacturer date (we add a year or two to the date as a time cushion).  Go here  to discover the date and where to ship the product.
  • Any product sent to us defective and determined to simply be at the wrong combination will require a $10 handling fee to reset and return.  Best to go here including a note and if product should be defective (very rare though), we return the check along with the replaced product.



Stripped change screw
Note!  Never force or torque the change screw!  Enough force and something is going to break!  If you are on the right combination, the change screw will turn easily.  You should always use a paperclip or dime.  Never torque pushing inward!
Symptoms of a torqued screw:
1. Shackle opens on any combination
2. Change screw is not flush. One side of it may be angled downward
3. Typically one or more dials become hard to turn.

Reason for symptoms- a torqued screw is rare and requires a lot of force, both turning and pushing inwards.  The screw, when recessed pushes the reset rod inward (shackle opens at any combination) and can sometimes be at an angle when this happens (one or more dials hard to turn)

1. Be sure the dials are on the shackle combination you want
2. Press in on all four dials at once with thumb and keep them pressed
3. Take a paperclip and quickly wiggle the screw back and forth (don't push inward!).  There is a spring at the other end of the change screw rod and it is possible to pop the screw back in the track until the screw is flush again.
4.  If the screw pops back flush then it is out of reset mode and the code you have on the dials is your new code.
5.  NOTE!-  Applying enough torque to pop the screw out of its track is hard to do but once it happens it is very easy to do in the future (dont push inward when turning the screw in the future).