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ShurLok Lockboxes for keys Trouble Shooting Guide - Page 2
(updated 2.28.2007)

Most commonly, during the process of setting the ShurLok, one of the dials inadvertently shifted one up, or one down as you set the dials from left to right. The steps below will test the eight combinations that are most likely to open your ShurLok. Our statistics show that the steps below have about a 25% success rate.

  1. Set the dials to the combination you intended to use to open the shackle. The shackle is the top part, that attaches the ShurLok to a door, fence, etc... You will now try a total of 8 combinations which are most likely to open the shackle of the ShurLok.

  2. Starting with the first dial on the left, roll the dial up one number. Example: If your shackle combination was supposed to begin with an 8, roll the dial to 7.

  3. Now test the shackle.
    If the shackle is currently open, slap down on the top of the shackle with the heel of your hand to close it completely. When the shackle is closed completely, you will only be able to see the black plastic coating. If it will not close completely, proceed to step 4.
    If the shackle is currently closed, attempt to open the shackle. If it will not open, proceed to step 4.

  4. Now roll the dial down one number from your original number. Example: If your shackle combination was supposed to begin with an 8, roll the first dial to 9.

  5. Test the shackle again. If that does not work, turn the first dial back to its original number. In our example, we would turn the dial back, from 9, to 8.

  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until you have completed all 4 dials (8 combinations).

  7. If the procedure above was successful, the combination on the dials when the shackle closed completely (or opened), is the current shackle code for your ShurLok. Follow the normal instructions to reset the code to your intended combination. If you have performed the steps outlined above on all four dials and are still locked out, click here to proceed to the next page in our Guide.

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