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Locks boxes
Now.... which rock did he say that key was under??
Setting the Shackle Combination                     Using the ShurLok Lock Boxes                     Utilizing the Bracket

Lock Boxes

Using the ShurLok Lock Boxes Mounting Bracket

The ShurLok Locks Boxes mounting bracket allows permanent mounting of the ShurLok Locksboxes to virtually any surface PLUS it gives you the flexibility of later using the ShurLok in a mobile situation by simply entering the dial combination and removing the shackle from the bracket. 

Secure the bracket to an outside wall, post etc. The bracket allows you to mount the ShurLok Locks Boxes onto virtually any surface.

lock boxes
locks boxes
Lock the Shackle into the bracket
Others access only the key compartment with the combination you give them (you keep the shackle combination). Locksboxes
After sliding the door up to the key compartment they then retrieve the key.

Note: If you pull the ShurLok forward while turning the dials, it puts tension on the shackle thus making the dials hard to turn. If you would like less of a snug fit in the bracket, you can trim about 1/8" on each side of the shackle of the black rubber which allows for more "play"

Locks Boxes


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